Friday, August 28, 2009

Women of the Bible Week 1

Lately I have been reading up on different women in the Bible. It amazes me that these women are not given more credit for the things the accomplished. Over my many years attending church many of these women have only been mentioned in passing.

I recently attended a conference called Women of Faith. At this conference Lisa Harper spoke about the different women who were in Jesus's lineage. It amazed me that I had never given these women a second though. These thoughts encouraged me to dig dipper and find out more about the different women of the Bible.

Each week I plan on focusing on a different women of the Bible during my quiet time. I plan on sharing the information that I find with my readers. If you have any information you would like to share, please fill free to do so.

This week I have been looking into the life of Rahab. Joshua 2:1-21, Joshua 6:22-25 Matthew 15, Hebrews 11:31, James 2:24-26

Rahab's story is a story of faith. This women is a great example of a women who trusted God even though she had no real reason to. She was a harlet, a women who had to sell herself to make a living. Just like today harlets (prostitutes) were seen as the lowest and dirtiest of people. The kind of person most people try to avoid.

To most people a life such as Rahabs would be intolerable. In such a situation many of us would give up on God. Rehabs faith not only saved her own life but also the members of her family. I hope that someday I can acheive this kind of faith.

One great resource I have found for information on Rahab is This website breaks down the many scripturs that focus on Rahab.

Another resource for Rahab is Women of the Bible "Rahab's Story" by Ann Burton. Though this is a fictional verson of the story of Rahab it is very informative. I hope that this story might spark you interest in Rahabs story like it did for me.

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