Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Remodeling (Bathroom)

When we moved into our house the bathroom had a green tub, sink and toilet. Not to mention the pepto bismol pink walls. Lets just say it wasn't very pretty. Did I mention no shower? After living with this bathroom for three years we had had enough.

We have been remodeling for many weeks and its really starting to look good(a week and a half without a toilet). Right now we are just putting on the finishing touches and we hope to be done soon. Tonight Chief was staining our new door. Since he was busy doing that, I thought I would mop the floor while Baby Boo was laying down. When I was in the middle of mopping the floor Chief let out a huge cry(I was sure he was hurt). As soon as I walked onto the front porch I saw the problem. He had spilt half of the stain out on to our concrete porch! HA! It was a complete mess. It was one of those times in life were you just have to laugh.

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